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Creampie Surprise. What I tell you spent a few months after my wife Amanda and I decided that everyone should have their night / her own to go and have a good time. The truth of the matter is that while my wife was hanging out with her ​​friends, who was wearing that night for a coupe of women to take over. That is, until one of them spilled the beans and learned from my wife. God otbm was angry ! I denied everything, but they do not believe me. First they wanted me out of the house. Later he told me he would do the same for me if I wanted to show me or not. The funny thing is that the threat that really concerns me greatly because I know what is white, but also moved me in a strange way. I must confess that his threat scared me, but I was also very cool. Part of me wanted to spend, but now I have to admit that the other hidden part of me really wants and to be expected. In any case put an end to major combat operations of our nights individual hasng all, or so I thought. little over a month after he forgot his threat, casually told me he wanted to go to the movies with friends, and of course I said yes. I was struck, however, the fact that they have a mini skirt and light blouse and film was quite cold. But she said she would bring a jacket to keep in your car. She told me to behave and wait for them, because I get a bit of a surprise when she got home she wanted. And what a surprise it was was not clear how Amanda is pissed off. He later admitted that although they did really tonight would be our divorce, but she wanted to get back to me. What I never considered that the events of that night would be a surprising turn of events and radical that in otbm our relationship. Now, Amanda returned about 11 otbm hours and I was waiting in the living room, ready to get to my surprise. And what a surprise ! I realizedthat disheveled, her makeup was hit and had a slight smell of wine and sex. Before I could say anything, she said, '... Baby, I was not in the film was not with my girlfriend took the kingship, since you bitches,' ' Remember I told you otbm once again with me you? '' Do not believe me, look 'and lifted her skirt to show her shaved pussy leaking from the literature seemed to run. I'm very you. I was so hurt, angry and upset I could hardly speak. I really felt like to kill them! We started a shouting match and I wanted to burst out of the house. Curiously, while so angry because I felt the same feeling strange emotion I felt when I threatened to fuck someone else to get back to me some months ago. when she moved to our room, I followed, I said angrily to her that I did not believe him and dared to show me her pussy. He sat onthe bed and told me not to endanger them, because I was getting exactly what you earned and what was good for the goose good for the goose. I insisted to see the review of her pussy, if you really tell me the truth or just trying to madness and jealousy, which I was. lay in bed with her skirt up, spread her legs, as was her shaved pussy looks relaxed and full of what was undoubtedly cum. Angry as he was, I was very excited and could otbm not hide the anger in the hard fact that I have. So instead of arguing and I just jumped on her and began kissing her roughly in her mouth and began to maul her tits like never before. Do you kiss on the mouth? 'Yes,' she said, even with a defiant look in his eyes. Does your dick sucked ? 'Yes' - he said again, still angry and defiant - ' and licked my pussy. ' This time I kissed her over and otbm stuck my tongue in her mouth. I felt that feeling of pure perverse sexual arousal through kissing only hknow about the mouth, which had been sucking on the tail of a stranger a couple of hours earlier. took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked and licked hard, almost bitten, while about bashing the other side. Then, like raw, spread her legs and pussy was asked to swear to tell me the truth. ' Yes, I'm fucked and I loved it. ' He said. 'And if you do not believe me, just take a close look you know, it seems to seed I was furious, but my overwhelming feelings of lust. I opened the pussy, and I found it more convenient than ever. I looked at the Amanda 's face, and his face was distorted mix of rebellion, anger, fear and, above all, pleasure. I felt like a completely sexual animal. you told me later that I looked like a crazy sex. kissed again very close, and suddenly plunged into her pussy filled with sperm and began to suck and lick, if there were no tomorrow. I never thought otbm I 'd try to lick and other gu cum, but as I was. otbm Our anger and fear had become pure pure pleasure. When I licked her pussy Amanda made ​​me say again and again just one type of shit. I did not want a name that I did not care who he was. I got carried away in the indescribable feeling of licking my wife pussy fucked recently. Knowing that his cock for some time in the mouth and tongue were now more than enough to keep me as warm as I had never been in my life. After my wife lick pussy as much and as deeply as I could, I'm on top of your sweat otbm and body odor sex and penetrated her vagina with a rapid pace. My cock slid easily into her pussy open, wet, cum otbm the other as a lubricant. I loved the silky feel of the man in his hole wet and loose. At that time, my perception of my wife Amanda and my feelings for her were just sexual pleasure to a mere sexual beings. otbm I never wanted her and lewd - or any other woman for that matter - all I want at this time. I can not describe the feeling of a combined mixture of strong sexual desire with feelings of jealousy and the need to account after the other has maybe just to make sure that even if they did, someone else was - on everything - even mine. otbm The two arrived in a long, strong orgasm, mutual thundering left both completely exhausted. We fell asleep immediately. The next day, none of us dared to speak. Not even look in their eyes. We got up and quietly got dressed and left four of our respective jobs. When we otbm got home, did not speak again until we went to bed. There and then we hugged and apologized. I admitted that I had previously denied the issues and I said no (I had told him not to tell me who he was, because I do not want to know) to bed with 'this guy ', has disappeared. He also told me he did it because I was really madt me, but do not do it again. We ended up making sweet passionate love. been a couple of weeks since we made and things are slowly returning to normal, except for one thing, which I keep to myself, I think the whole time of the night, and I really enjoyed the sympathy and fucks my wife 's pussy after she got home, her pussy filled with semen. It makes me horny without end, but I otbm do not know how to tell Amanda, home for another night to come with her ​​pussy fucked good and full of cum for me to eat, fuck and enjoy. I really want that to happen again. Any suggestions ?
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